Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When conversations get twisted and the truth gets lost yall...

Earlier this year we found out that Devin the Dude would not be renewing his contract with his label of 15 years, Rap A Lot Records. According to Devin,
"Rap-A-Lot has been my family for a long time and there’s no bad blood at all."

It seems the love doesn't go both ways. J Prince's notorious griminess has left a lasting legacy, and it seems that they are trying to stick it to the Dude for jumping ship. Today marked the release of Devin's newest album, Landing Gear. It also marks the release of "Hi Life", which is basically a compilation of some of Devin's older work. The crucial difference is that Hi Life is being released under the Rap A Lot label, and you can bet that Devin isn't seeing a dime. If he is, it's still incredibly trife of Rap A Lot to drop it on the same day as his real album, which will no doubt cannibalize his sales. Dude fans, here's what I suggest: Buy Landing Gear and support your boy. In the meantime, download Hi Life. Don't let this shady industry shit ruin the man's shine.


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