Friday, October 3, 2008

The New Yorker Endorses Obama (Despite difficulty drawing him)

Disregard the obviousness of this post's headline. In a group editorial, the editors of the New Yorker present a somber and compelling case for Obama's candidacy. I tried to read it as objectively as possible, but when I couldn't find any significant signs of bias (since it is an opinion article I was really looking for unfounded claims or bogus evidence, not direct slant), I decided to post it here. The editors seem to stand in judgment of McCain several times during the article, but the stones they throw are taken straight from the headlines.

McCain was one of the first Republicans in the Senate to support federal limits on carbon dioxide, and he has touted his own support for a less ambitious cap-and-trade program as evidence of his independence from the White House. But, as polls showed Americans growing jittery about gasoline prices, McCain apparently found it expedient in this area, too, to shift course. He took a dubious idea—lifting the federal moratorium on offshore oil drilling—and placed it at the very center of his campaign.

Check it out here.

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