Sunday, January 11, 2009

They see we really got Benzis...

Daaaamn, this one flew under the radar. Looks like Diplo and Benzi are up on the Alabama rap movement. With funky white dudes like them (and me, heyooo) cosigning this shit, you can expect the mass media to be dickriding our neighbors to the west any day now. This CD is following the NIN/Radiohead trend with a "pay what you like" system. If you pay $5.00 or more, you get the higher quality version with several other bonus tracks. "Soul Glo" is especially righteous, I can't believe it hasn't been done before. But we are in a recession, so there's a free version available as well. Don't sleep on this one!

Here's the link, dudes

BONUS - While we're on the topic of Benzi tapes, I gotta post this - Benzi and Plain Pat - Sky High

Link, bros
This one comes via Metal Lungies
"We Got The Remix" is keeping the quality top notch foreal. Kanye fans shouldn't miss this shit. Enjoy!

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